Dragonlord Games, Saarbrücken (26.08.2017)[Neostandard](engl.)

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Dragonlord Games
Mainzer Straße 39
66111 Saarbrücken


By public means of transport from Saarbrücken Main Station:

Take the S1 going to „Sarreguemines„, and take 3 stations to „Landwehrplatz„.

After getting out just take a little walk as shown on the map below. This will take you about 7 minutes (600m), the train ride will be around 4 minutes.



Going by foot from Saarbrücken Main Station:


Deck regulation:

We play Neostandard, so only cards from one title are useable in your deck.

You may play an english-only or japanese-only deck, mixed languages in your deck are forbidden.

Please take some kind of translation for your japanese cards with you, printed or digital. If you use the later, mind your battery’s charge.

If some of your cards have an errata take these also with you.

Registration starts at: ~15:00

Participation fee: 6€

Every player receives a booster for participation from a BP of their choice, as well as at least the monthly promo card. Players who advanced to the tops will receive additional prices. You may also choose EP-Booster, but those have an extra fee.

Tournament pattern:

Swiss rounds followed by tops.

All games are Best-of-One, one round taking 25 minutes followed by 3 additional turns after Timeout.

Timeout proceeds in the following way: The active player (P1)plays his turn as usual, after that the next player (P2) gets the 1st additional turn. These will proceed in rotation, such as P1 will get the 2nd add. turn and P2 the 3rd. if no player looses this way, the player with higher level and more cards in clock looses.


Autor: Teppich

Jo, Teppich hier~

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